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If you see any illegal activity or are concerned about something happening in your area
                                                    please ring 111
Police would rather attend and find it is not important than get call after the event

To serve the Papatoetoe Community by being the eyes and ears of the Counties/Manukau Police and Auckland Council. 
By liaising with Counties/Manukau Police and Auckland Council to assist with crime reduction and promoting a Safer Community to live in.  We Patrol local streets, parks, all major carparks and shopping centres in the area including Manukau Memorial Gardens, Park and Ride, RSA/Library carparks.  We also report any Graffiti or dumped rubbish to the Council.

We conduct Vehicle patrols throughout the Papatoetoe area up to 3 or 4 times during a day in our dedicated highly visible car.  We have at least 2 people per patrol (sometimes more) - the Driver and Observer/s.  We receive from Police Intell on a regular basis a Stolen Cars Report and also Deployment Plans
We are non-confrontational

The Papatoetoe Patrol was started by local residents in March 1993 using their own cars, we have come a long way since those days.  Our Patrol became Affiliated to Community Patrols of NZ (CPNZ) in 2006.  CPNZ has a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NZ Police.  There are over 150 affiliated patrols throughout NZ.  CPNZ goal is to make our Communities safer and more relisent.
Our Patrol became Incorporated in February 2013.
We are totally self supporting and rely on funding and donations to pay for vehicle costs, uniforms and incidentals.  We are also a member of the Manukau District Crime Watch Patrols CharitableTrust
(MDCWPCT) and receive funding via an agreement with Auckland Council.  Once volunteers have PASSED Police Vetting they are on probation for 3 months and are supplied with safety Hi Viz vests and a uniform.  To begin with new patrollers are partnered with more experienced volunteers.
Occasionally we are requested to assist the Police in Special Duties; such as Operation Plunge and visiting Papatoetoe Indian Temples.  Safer Plates has been another programme we have been involved with in the area with our local Police Officers and businesses.  Additionally we have patrollers who monitor the CCTV cameras at the Manukau Police District Command Centre (DCC) - special vetting is required to do this.   Being involved in the Papatoetoe Christmas Parade and the RSA Anzac Parade also make us more visble to the public. 

We have our own Committee and hold regular meetings, which Police Personnell attend; we also hold regular lunches so that we can mix and mingle with each other and Police.

Be at least 17 years of age
Have a current and clean Drivers Licence
Pass the Police Vetting Proceedure
Provide us with two Referees

Contact us: - Fill in the form below - Telephone (09) 2783835 or email us HERE

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