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The Howick/Pakuranga Community Patrol was set up in 1993 by the Howick Police.   

Our Community Patrol became affiliated to the Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ), a guiding body of all Community patrols throughout New Zealand. CPNZ is the only group to have a formal memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Police. There are over 150 affiliated patrols through NZ.

We are totally self supporting and rely on sponsorship and donations to keep going.  All members of the Manukau District Trust receive funding through an agreement with the Auckland Council.

We currently have around 60plus members and are always looking for new volunteers. Applicants are first vetted by Police and then successful applicants undergo a three month training programme while they are on probation.  The training programme involves an induction plus 3 patrols in one of our patrol cars. All trainees will be given a handbook to keep track of their training.

Once volunteers have completed their training and probationary period, they go on the monthly roster and a uniform will be provided. Members are asked to give two hours a month but can patrol more if they wish.  Patrollers are partnered up with a more experienced volunteer and always work in pairs.  There is a choice of day or night time patrols.  We operate generally in 3 shifts morning, afternoon and evening. Volunteers have a three month probationary period.

Occasionally we are requested by Police to assist them with Special Operations. Included in these operations have been visiting supermarkets giving shoppers advice on bag snatchers & not to leave valuables in cars, surveillance of taggers, liquor stores, & burglary operations. We have also been asked to take part in other community activities in the past such as the Howick Trolley Derby, Howick Christmas Parade and Howick in the Park.  We have been involved in the, Safer Plates,  programme. Additionally we have provided patrollers to monitor CCTV in the Manukau Police District Command Centre for criminal activity. Patrollers have no special powers and are subject to the same rules and regulations as everyone else. We are non-confrontational

Patrollers act as the eyes and ears of the Police.  . Aside from gathering intelligence, patrollers have experienced success in having offenders apprehended for a variety of offences.   The CPNZ goal is to make our communities safer and more resilient.

We have our own committee which includes Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Training, & vehicle training assistants. We have appointed an OSH officer to help with patrol safety. We dropped the name Crimewatch from our group at our 2015 AGM to be more in-line with the CPNZ strategic plan. The Howick/Pakuranga Community Patrol is a dedicated & committed group of people who want to assist the Police to continue keep building "Safer Communities Together".