WE ALL KNOW that the police do a great job in protecting us from criminal activity. We are also aware that the enormous growth in our areas means that the Police are always going to play catch-up.
So how do help to solve this perennial problem?
Fortunately there is a way in which you can all help to keep us safe. Over many years, Volunteers have helped to develop Crimewatch Patrols (Manukau District Crime Watch Patrols) in most areas of Auckland. These Patrols are used as the EYES and EARS of the police, and Patrollers drive around their areas in highly-visible, dedicated vehicles, to assist Police and Council with Community issues, ranging from home security, looking for stolen vehicles, leaving garage doors and windows open when not in attendance, reporting to councils of any issues which can affect public safety, such as pot-holes, fallen trees, graffiti, damage to parks, vandalism.
The MDCWP patrol members operate in a non-confrontational role, and are professionally trained by experienced patrollers. They patrol in pairs, and the vehicles are fully functional, much like a police vehicle. You will be in contact with Police Communications at the beginning and end of your shift (which is usually around two hours, but is flexible), and you will be working with information obtained directly from the Police.
The patrols also carry out an educational role, helping to educate the general public, property owners, local businesses and shoppers to increase their awareness of techniques to help reduce crime. We have foot patrols, and these are often used to deliver information to the public on how NOT to leave valuable items in their vehicles, and NOT leave handbags unattended when having a cup of coffee, the prevention of theft from vehicles, ATM robberies, and much more.
The need for more recruits
Over many years the MDCWP patrollers have become a welcoming sight to many residents, and those residents feel safer for our presence. But, like most voluntary organisations, there is always a need for more people to help carry out the duties outlined above. Some of the areas in which a patrol exists are listed below:

Botany Crime Watch Patrol
Flat Bush Crime Watch Patrol
Howick and Pakuranga Community Patrol
Mangere Bridge Community Patrol
Manurewa Crime Watch patrol
Papatoetoe Community Patrol
Pohutukawa Coast Crime Watch Patrol

Some of above patrols have been in existence from between five and twenty years, and are registered as trusts.
Where would we be without statistics? The information Patrollers collect in their Patrol Forms is used by Police, and then collated by Patrol Leaders and entered on to a statistics form. These are used as performance-based information for our area, and also can indicate the sort of policing that is required.

The Chairperson
Manukau District Crime Watch Patrols  
Crime Watch Patrols
Keeping our community safe.
Because we care!
A word from our Chairperson
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