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Hi again, and I hope that you have been safe since we last wrote to you. Strange thing about being safe, everyone has their own ideas on the subject. Like the one about always having done things their way. Well, times and attitudes change, you can no longer leave your doors and windows open when you go out. Those days have gone.
Just the other day, while out on patrol, we came across an open garage, with no-one there. When we knocked and spoke to the lady of the house, she said that her husband had (just popped up to the shops). She was in the rear gardening, oblivious of the open garage door. Lots of tools, gardening items and other personal items were on full display for any dishonest person to collect.
If you have been reading the local papers recently, tradesmen all over the Beachlands, Maraetai and Flat Bush area, especially where there has been new building going on, have been losing tools and equipment. Why, not so long ago someone even emptied a water-tank up at the new shops development. If they can manage that, in full daylight, make sure that you are secure at home.
Tradesmen and women are not always what they seem. If anyone comes to your house, ask for identification. Even the Police! If you have ever had a costume party, you will be aware that you can be anyone you choose. All it takes is a bold attitude, and anyone can pretend to be an official of some kind. 
Another old theme is cars in drives. Remember to lock them WHEN YOU GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE. To remember the next morning can be too late. You might have seen in your local paper the photo of the remains of a vehicle that had been CHOPPED and dumped on the side of the road. It could have been your car, and you would have been late for work that morning.  Remember also to remove any item of value before leaving the vehicle. If they have to be left in the vehicle, as least lock them in the boot, and out of sight.
Keep safe, be vigilant, and if you are suspicious, call 111. At least keep the Police station informed of anything they might need to know instead of just putting it on Neighbourly.
And when the above happens, there is the inevitable insurance claim, and the delays that are associated with that side of things. Not to mention the inconvenience.
It is so easy to prevent random car thefts. It takes a lot less time than it took to write this article. S.B. 

Keep your property safe at all times!
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Updated 26th June 2018
A word from our Chairperson
Help prevent crime!
Help prevent crime!
Help prevent crime!