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Hi again, Hopefully the winter weather, and all of the rain that we have had, is easing back into a memory. The summer is coming, and we can relax and enjoy the beaches once again as the sun comes out. 
The beaches have always attracted a lot of people from out of town. And why not, they are great places to be. But with the influx there will inevitably be some hell bent on disrupting our lives. So what to do?
There has been a lot of focus on social media. And it can be a useful tool for people to connect their lives with one another. Sell things, exchange ideas, that sort of thing. But we also need to be aware that sometimes the information we gather, in one way or other needs to be communicated directly to the Police at your local station, or wave down the local Crime Patrol Vehicle and give them details.
Suspicious vehicles, suspicious persons, that sort of thing, needs to be communicated directly to the above. And be sure to get as much detail as possible of something you feel is not quite right. If a vehicle is behaving in a suspicious manner, try and get the plate number, colour of the vehicle, any markings that stand out, anything that strikes you about the driver and passengers.
If you see strangers walking and peering into houses and gardens, take down as much detail as you can about them. Ethnicity, colour of clothes, hair style, how many of them, what they seem to be trying to do. If in doubt, ring your local Police Station. If you suspect that the situation is more urgent, ring 111 and explain your fears.
There is a misconception that ringing 111 is for dire emergencies only. There are times when you must ring that number and let the operators decide what kind of emergency it is. They will direct you to the right people.
In all of the above, we hope that you have a wonderful time this summer. If the above makes you feel uncomfortable, remember that not everyone out there is out to make you life more enjoyable. We need to look out for each other. That way we can all enjoy the wonderful summer we hope is on its way.

Keep your property safe at all times!
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Updated 18 April 2021
A word from our Chairperson
Help prevent crime!
Help prevent crime!
Help prevent crime!